Watch What You Say

We've all heard it. We've all done it. "That's so gay." Everyone has become so numb to the word gay. It's become a synonym for stupid, dumb, uncool. This is the one thing that gets on my nervous. I hate when people say "That's so gay" I always say, "Is it really gay? Like actually homosexual?" and that usually shuts people up. For a while.

As Macklemore said "Gay is NOT synonymous with the lesser." When people say "it's straight" it means "it's good, it's okay". How come those two words got those types of meaning. I don't think people realize what they're saying when they say it. It's been said and done for so long people don't realize exactly what it is they're saying.

The same goes for fag or dyke. It's not funny when you call your friends a faggot. Because gay people get called that everyday as a put down. It's rude and it's NOT funny. I hate the word dyke. I refuse to say it unless I'm expressing how much I hate that word. And for the record, if you ever call my girlfriend one, me one or anyone else ever one, I will hunt you down :)

I'm so sick of walking down the halls at school and people saying "that's so gay" "you're a faggot" etc, It's so rude and demeaning. It makes me personally feel like I'm not accepted. I know that 99% of my school accepts me but how can you support gay rights and the gay community but still use those words in that context?

All I ask is that you think about what you say before you say it. No matter what. You could offend anyone. Next time you think something is "so gay" think. Does it have the word "gay" on it? Is it donning a rainbow flag? Is there a same sex couple kissing on it? Then it is not gay.

Think before you speak.

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