Famous People Love the Gays

If you're like me you hate the term "the gays" so sorry for using it but any other way I worded the title it sounded weird.

ANYWAY. In today's society people are becoming more and more open to gay people. The amount of states legalizing gay marriage grows every day. I couldn't be happier. (Now only if NC would get in on that trend...) There is also imense support from today's celebrities. Actors, Actresses, singers, artists, etc. I've compiled a list of some of the more famous of the LGBT allies.

Mackelmore// Mackelmore basically wrote the gay anthem when he wrote Same Love. I cried the first time I heard it and I still cry every time to this day. It's such a beautiful song with so much truth in it! If you haven't heard it (and you were living under a rock) then go watch the official music video and tell me you're not moved to tears.

Lady Gaga// Born This Way is another song that if you're gay, you rock the hell out to it. And even if you're not gay. Because everyone was Born This Way. Lady Gaga has been super open about how much she supports the LGBT community throughout these past few years.

Demi Lovato// Demi Lovato was just in NYC (the day after I left. Still mad about it..) to perform in the pride parade. The whole day she was tweeting so much support.

Miley Cyrus// Miley has an equality tattoo on the inside of one of her fingers. If that doesn't say support then I don't know what does!

Ellen DeGeneres// OBVIOUSLY Ellen supports gay rights because she is gay. But she is a constant role model for the entire LGBT community.

Snoop Dogg// He's said before that he gets to live his life the way he wants to, so why shouldn't everyone else? He also said he doesn't have a problem with "nobody".

A$AP Rocky// Last year he gave a speech about how not everyone in Hip Hop/Rap is small minded and stupid. (His words, not mine) and that gay rights is a big issue and people need to stop getting bothered about it!

Who supports gay rights that I didn't mention here?

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  1. Great post! i didnt knew about Macklemore. It is great when famous people support LGBT and are open about it. Neil Patrick Harris is one of my all time favorites


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