Places I Want To Go

My list of places I want to go seems to get bigger and bigger every single day. It seems like every time I get on Tumblr or Pinterest I see a new place I'm just dying to go. Half of them I have no idea even where they are, I just love what they look like! So here is my list of top ten places I want to go before I die.

1 - Santorini, Greece// How absolutely gorgeous is Santorini?! I saw a place like this (or maybe it is this city?) in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and I fell in love. It's so gorgeous and I would love to visit here. Imagine sitting outside in one of these houses at night with a cup of coffee and a huge sweater on? Talk about paradise. 

2 - Guanajuato, Mexico// I LOVE how colorful this place is! I can definitely see myself eating a nice lunch streetside in this cute town!

3 - Paris, France// Who doesn't want to go to Paris? I'd love to see the Eiffel Tower and kiss Kayla under it. Right after we put a lock on that bridge you always see pictures of!

4 - Bora, Bora// How romantic/awesome would it be to stay in one of these things? Wow, just imagine the view!

5 - New York City// I know I just got back from a trip from New York but I can't wait to go back! I would LOVE to go during Christmastime and New Years Eve! So pretty.

6 - Italy// I'm Italian, so I feel like I HAVE to say I want to go to Italy. But I definitely do. I want to go walk around the streets of Italy, and stop at a nice restaurant and finally have some real Italian spaghetti!

7 - Grand Canyon// Now, I'm not a hiking type of girl, but I would love to a little bit of hiking in the Grand Canyon!

8 - California// This is the Santa Monica Pier. I have been here before but I absolutely loved it and CANNOT wait to go back. It's absolutely gorgeous. All the way from the Santa Monica Pier to past Venice Beach.

9 - Africa// I think it would be so cool to go on an African Safari. That's one of Kayla's biggest dreams. But I also would love to go to Africa and help out in it's worser villages to help as much as I could!

10 - Australia// This is Sydney. I just think Australia is so cool! I definitely want to visit sometime!

What are your top ten places you want to go? Add these to your list!


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