Benefits to Being a Lesbian

Aside from when Kayla and I's "time of the month" sync up, being a lesbian has so many benefits. I'm gonna kind of make this a fun little post. In no way am I trying to offend straight people or anything else. Even if you are straight this post still might be funny/ informative!

So here we go! Some benefits to being a lesbian!

1- Not Getting Pregnant. Ever.

2 - Being best friends.

3 - How sentimental girls are - lesbians understand!

4 - We also understand when its that time of the month and everything that comes along with it.

5- Feminine lesbians get to share clothes that are their style!

6 - You understand that when the other hangs up and is mad that she really actually wants you to call back right away.

7 - You understand how annoying it is to shave your legs, so spiky legs are not a big deal.

8 - You don't have pregnancy scares.

9 - Not one person pays for the dinner. You take turns paying or you split. It's not all on one person.

10 - You double your tampon supply

11 - I have someone to put me in my place. Just batting my eyes doesn't get me what I want.

12 - No surprise pregnancies...

13 - You still get to steal shirts and sweatshirts from your partner. (I have way too many of Kayla's just cause they're comfy)

These are just a few. Obviously I'm partial to being a lesbian, lol. But most of these pertain to Kayla and I and not necessarily to all lesbian couples. I hope you learned a little bit.

Lesbians, what can you relate too? Straight people, what are some benefits to being straight? I'd LOVE to hear your feed back, don't be shy. Answer the questions at the bottom of my posts!

Preppy Little Lesbian

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