DIY Spa Day

Making myself my own spa day is something I love to do for myself on Sundays. Congratulating myself on making it through a week, and giving myself something to push me through the next one. So why not spoil yourself? You work so hard every day and you deserve to treat yourself! Here are a few ways I like to treat myself, try them out!

1 - Set the relaxing mood by lighting some nice smelling candles!

2 - Put on the Soothing & Relaxation station on Pandora for another relaxing touch.

3 - Take a hot bath with some rose/lavender smelling bath bombs. Read a book and just kick back and relax! (Shave your legs too, because who doesn't feel awesome when your legs are shaved?!)

4 - Mani/Pedi! Give yourself a fresh mani pedi! Paint your nails and toes a cute new color! Make sure to shape and file your nails and rub some scented lotion on your legs, hands and feet.

5 - Apply an exfoliating/ blackhead removing mask. Let it harden and take it off with a hot wash cloth. Leave your skin feeling clean and fresh. Finish up with your daily moisturizer.

6 - Straighten or curl your hair. That always makes me feel good and ready for the next day!

7 - Pluck your eye brows. (Or go get them waxed. I'm way too chicken)

8 - Treat yourself to a nice cool glass of ice water, or if it's cold outside, some apple cider!

9 - Finish your day by reading your favorite book in bed!

Don't forget to treat yourself once and a while. And most of this stuff is definitely doable for free, if you have everything already in your house. Treat yourself, girl! You definitely deserve it! What are some other ways you like to treat yourself?

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