Okay, get ready to be overloaded with happiness from me! I recently started going to my local yoga studio, Your Karma. My mom had gone a few times before and liked it okay but she said she actually does get a workout, and it is relaxing. So I decided to just try it. Cause, ya know it can't hurt right?

I walked into Your Karma and I was blown away. Every time you ever see a yoga studio in a movie or tv show this is exactly what it looked like! It smelled so wonderful (eucalyptus I believe). The lights were dim, everyone was barefoot, walking around in leggings, and tank tops, high buns or ponytails and I kid you not. EVERYONE was smiling and clearly relaxed.

You put your shoes (I usually just wear flip flops) and put them in the cubby holes. Then you grab all of your props. Most commonly we use yoga mat, block, straps, and blanket. You set up your little spot and wait for it to begin. The poses are challenging, but definitely doable. The more you practice, the more you are able to do the poses and go deeper.

I leave after every class so relaxed and so happy. I truly believe that yoga was one of the best things for my physical and mental health. I love going so much. I absolutely look forward to going. The instructors give you a sort of guided meditation at the end which is awesome. I had been using the app "Headspace" for meditation, but having someone in the room with you guiding you is awesome.

After a particularly challenging class (PiYo- it's super hard and challenging but so so worth it) the instructor gave us each a cold wet towel infused with the scent of eucalyptus and set it over each of our eyes. It was super relaxing and after sweating all class it felt really really good. Also, after almost every class the instructor puts on scented lotion (again, eucalyptus) and held it over each of our faces, and rubbed our temples for a second. I know, it sounds weird but after putting yourself through each of those poses and challenging yourself you welcome all of that. And also, you're so relaxed you're almost half asleep!

There are SO many different types of yoga. I had no idea how many types before I started going. There truly is a class for everyone.

I really really really recommend trying at least one yoga class. The benefits are absolutely wonderful. Not only does it tone your body, but it really relaxes you. Because of yoga I have become more relaxed, happier, less stressed, more active, more energy, and much more.

Next year, I plan to apply for a job at the yoga studio right off ECU's campus. I think I would really enjoy that. I've become completely obsessed with learning about yoga, talking about yoga, doing yoga, telling people about yoga, thinking about yoga. It's actually pretty scary. But there's worse things to be obsessed with right?!

Do you do yoga? How does it make you feel? What changes have you seen through your physical body and your mental health?

Preppy Little Lesbian

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