What It's Like Being A Feminine Lesbian

Being a feminine lesbian is different than being a more butch lesbian (Short hair, dresses more casual,etc).  With my girlfriend, people look at her and know she's a lesbian. When she goes out in public, there really is no question as to if she's gay or not [sorry babe, but it's the truth. You're just really gay ;)]

When I go out with my best friend Zach, people think we're together. When in reality, we're both gay. And we talk about this all of the time! We both look straight. There really isn't a gay look or a straight look but people just assume that we're straight because of the way we dress, act, and what look like.

Guys continue to come up to me, look me up and down, contact me on social media because they just assume I'm straight. It kept happening over and over so finally on my personal twitter I changed my bio to "Lesbian".  Some of my friends thought it was hilarious and I was doing it to try to be funny. I mean, it is kind of funny that literally the only thing in my bio is "Lesbian" but I'm so sick of having to explain over and over that YES I AM GAY!!!

Sometimes I'll be talking and reference my girlfriend or actually have to bring up that I am in fact gay. Then you can just see the other person completely change. If they don't accept gay people or what not, you can tell in that moment they are judging you. It's sad and annoying that some people like me before I'm gay, and the second that they learn, they don't like you any more. Again, it's not everyone. But it happens enough for me to be annoyed by it.

I don't look gay so I often get mistaken for being straight. I just wish people would stop assuming. I know it's probably not going to happen, but it's okay to dream right?

Do people assume things about you because of your looks?

Preppy Little Lesbian

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