What's In My Bag (Purse Edition)

This is the start of a little series I'm going to do which is "What's in My Bag". I'm going to do my purse, high school book bag, and when I enter college, what's in my book bag then.

So to start off this mini series let's see what's in my purse!

I keep so much in my purse it's actually really ridiculous. But, everyone knows to come to me when they need something because I have literally everything.

Wallet// This wallet is from Target. I absolutely love it. There's so much space for cash, plenty of debit, credit, and gift cards and such. There's a pocket for change, and also two open spaces for anything else such as coupons and what not.

Hairbrush// Since I have curly hair, I don't use a hair brush all that often. I only use it when I straighten my hair and it starts to get a little weird looking and knotted up. (Which happens every 4 seconds with my hair) I keep a little mini hairbrush just in case I need it.

Concealer// I always keep concealer with me just in case. This brand is the absolute best. The container is so small and fits practically anywhere. It goes on so smooth and covers really well.

Minimergency Kit// This thing is the BEST. My mom got me this for my 18th birthday this year and it's seriously helped me out so much in those times of need. There's practically everything in there. (I ran out of the hair ties it came with so I had to stash my own in there. And also a pair of clippers for those pesky hang nails.) I definitely recommend getting one of these. It's totally worth the money.

Hairspray// I keep this mini bottle with me at all times. It's small so it easily fits into my purse. It always helps to have some in case of fly aways and such!

Pen// Okay Bic pens are literally like crack to me. These are the ONLY pens I use. And I have no idea why. They're literally so cheap but they work so well and write so smooth. I always keep one with me just in case I have to write down something really quick. I also have a little mini notebook just in case.

Mascara// This isn't the exact mini mascara I have because I got mine for free in some promotional deal through Estee Lauter. But it comes in handy when my eye make up has worn off a little bit and I just need that extra pop of something to freshen up a little bit.

External Battery// I got this from PacSun and it has saved me so many times. Especially when I'm out at night, have a concert I'm going to or something. I keep it in my purse, but it can also easily go into your pocket if you can't take a purse somewhere with you.

These are just the main things I keep with me. I also keep feminine products (girls you know what I mean), deodorant, tic tacs or gum, a granola bar, chapstick and lipstick, and probably a million other little things I can't think of right now.

What kind of things do you have in your purse?

** All photos are taken from merchant website**
Wallet//Minimergency// Concealer// Hairspray// Pen//Battery// Mascara

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