Interior Design Magazines to Fuel Your Inspiration

Interior Design// I love Interior Design magazine. It's truly the go-to inspiration magazine if you're looking for high quality decorating and designing ideas. I also like to look to Interior Design magazine to get ideas on firms and designers to follow and get even more inspiration.

Architectural Digest// Architectural Digest is definitely more of a professional magazine. If you're interested in designing rather than decorating, Architectural Digest is definitely for you. You'll also get to know and learn about some of the best architects and interior architects in the world. I personally subscribe to this and get an issue each month.

Verdana// Verdana is a good middle of the road magazine. They definitely have some of the best designers incorporated into their issue each month, however, if you're looking for the "top trends" or "easy ways to vamp up", etc. type of posts, they still have those for you as well.

HGTV// Everyone knows and loves some good ole HGTV. They have some great tv shows and they do have a magazine every month. HGTV is more of a DIY and decorating magazine than it is design or architectural. I subscribe to this one every month as well. I enjoy seeing what new things they talk about each month.

House Beautiful// I used to subscribe to this one too. I really liked it but it's similar to HGTV in a sense that it is more decorating and DIY. Once my subscription ran out, I decided to try HGTV instead of House Beautiful for the next year. But you really can't go wrong with either!

What Interior Design magazines do you like?

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