Podcasts That You Need to Listen to on Your Commute

My freshman year the podcast Serial was extremely popular. Everyone was listening to it and the case with Adnan Syed was so riveting. Ever since then, I haven't been able to just listen to music walking or riding the bus to class or driving the whole four hours home. I've picked up a few favorites lately that I think you guys might enjoy!

**parts of the descriptions are taken from the podcasts about sections. 

1 - Ladies Who Lunch// You guys know how much I love Ingrid Nilsen. Well, in addition to her YouTube channel, she also uploads weekly podcast episodes from her friend, and fellow YouTuber, Catrific. Each week they discuss sex, relationships, social phobias, relevant social and political topics and anything readers write in about. 

2 - True Crime Garage// Every week Nic and the Captain discuss true crime cases old and new. Whether they're murders, serial cases, disappearing people, or missing persons, they dive deep into each case and take "beer breaks" to recommend many different craft beers they receive. If you like mysteries and true crime, this is definitely the podcast for you. I listen to this while I'm driving the four hours back home and it seriously makes the time fly. 

3 - Invisibilia// Invisibilia is all about the invisible forces that control human behavior like ideas, beliefs, and emotions. I listened to this after I listened to Serial my Freshman year and it made my three-hour lab drawing classes fly by. It really makes you think about your life and why you do the things you do. 

4 - Lore// Every other week Lore podcast uploads an episode about historical folklores that are the basis of some superstitions we have today. I loved listening to this podcast during the fall and Halloween time because it was the perfect semi-spooky podcast to listen to during my commute!

Do you have any podcast recommendations?

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