Five Things

1 - Week one down!// Second semester started on Tuesday (thanks to the "snow" we got a one day delay!) So far I'm a little overwhelmed. You get hit with so much information on the first week and all of the professors try to scare you and say "you can't wait until the last minute", "you have to spend x amount of hours on this project", etc. I have 5 interior design classes and one film studies class, which I'm going to love, and it's a lot. However, I only have one year left...

2 - What to Eat for Glowing Skin and Healthy Hair// My skin has been a roller coaster lately. No matter how tight I follow my skin care routine, I still get breakouts often. I have always heard that changing your diet can definitely help your skin, I don't often have the time or money to eat better.  

3 - Shameless// Yes, I have jumped on the Shameless bandwagon. Kayla was wanting to watch it for a while so we watched the first few episodes together, but she couldn't wait for me to watch it anymore because she liked it so much. Then, things started getting good so we've started watching it again together, and I really like it!

4 - Chili's// Kayla and I went to Chili's on Friday and honestly I forget how good it is every time we go. We got two things that had samples of a bunch of stuff and shared. Chicken crispers, jalapeno cheese sausage, street corn, fries, boneless buffalo wings, southwest eggrolls and burger sliders was what we chose and it was all SO good!

5 - Small Living Room Decorating Ideas// If you live in a small apartment, you know the struggle of trying to make a small living room look great, and have enough seating for your guests. Interior Design magazine has some great ideas on how to decorate your living room even if it's tiny!

What are your five things for this week?

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