Senior Living Condo - Preliminary Design

In class we are being asked to design an ADA and universally compliant senior living condo. We started out with making a base plan for a single condo unit and then making a 2 story with four units on each floor to present to a "contractor". From there, we are getting an "actual" client and we're designing a specific condo unit from there. We each had to randomly pick an architectural style out of a hat - I got Louis XVI. To give you an idea, these are some of the inspiration images I pulled. Now, I'm not going to go this crazy with decoration and ornamentation; I am adding some modern elements as well.

Where I'm at in the design process is picking two color pallets and furniture options for the clients. So far, I have only done the living room, but I do have to do every room. This is what I have:

Eventually, I will need to pick an option to continue with. We are also constructing a sketch up file, but it still needs a lot of work before I post pictures of it. 

Which option do you like the best?

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