DIY Fall Wreath

Last night I didn't have any homework or work to do (shocking, I know) and I've been wanting to make a fall wreath for weeks now. So I thought I would show you guys how I did it and what I used!

I got everything at Michaels for $15!
  • Wreath made of sticks. I liked this because it was the cheapest, and I didn't have to buy anything to cover up the styrofoam that I would have used. 
  • A package of big leaves (they are not attached to sticks or to each other)
  • 3 bundles of smaller leaves (I got a sparkly one, a fall colored one, and a white version)
  • One big pumpkin 
  • Hot glue gun

1. Think about where you want to place the leaves. It can be in the top corners or in the bottom corners, I just liked how it looked in the top corners. I thought it was helpful to first lay things out the way I kind of wanted them first.
2. I cut off the leaves from the bundles (bouquet?) and left some of it on so I was able to just stick them down into the wreath. Just in case though, I hot glued around it as well.
3. Around those leaves that you cut off, place some of the individual big or medium sized leaves to kind of hide the stems and hot glue.

What are you most excited for about fall? 

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