Nightly Skin Care Routine

One of my new favorite things is taking care of my skin. I really never took care of my skin until about a month ago. I would wipe my makeup off with a Clean and Clear makeup wipe and call it a night. I don't know why or how I decided to start really taking care of my skin, but I did and here I am. So I'm going to go over what I do every night and talk about the products I use. I've watched SO MANY skin care routine videos on YouTube (it's kind of scary) and I really liked all of the videos, but every product they use is so expensive. I am not that kind of girl. I'm a broke college student, ya feel?

I like dedicating this time (10-20 minutes) each night because this is my time. I don't have to worry about the animals, (btw we got a cat. Follow me on Instagram if you want to see our new baby Nani - designallyblog) Kayla usually isn't around and it's just me time. I usually start by taking off my makeup and watching my favorite YouTubers. After I either read, do some yoga, watch tv shows, or some more YouTube videos. Usually I wait I'm finished with dinner, homework, work, and cleaning before I do this because like I said this is my time to relax and unwind after a long day.

So let's dive right in.

1. Make-Up Wipes. These used to be my go-to as the only way I washed my face. After I decided to amp up my skin care routine, I didn't really use these. But I started noticing that even after cleansing my face, I would see makeup coming off on my drying towel. So I've started using these again as my first step. Oh and these are literally the Walmart brand.

2. Micellar Cleansing Water. This is the Formula 10.0.6. So Totally Clean Micellar Water. I've heard beauty gurus rant and rave about micellar water and I've wanted to try it out for myself. I really really like it. Like a lot. It really feels like my skin is getting clean and it just feels so refreshing going on. All I do is take a cotton pad and put some micellar water on it and rub it all over my face. I got this at Ulta and it was the cheapest water they had.

3. Cleansing. Next I actually cleanse my face. I like to exfoliate with blackhead cleanser every night, but I know you're not supposed to. After having makeup on all day, and usually after walking around campus and taking Koda on a walk I really want my face to feel clean.

4. Mask. I don't do a mask every day, but I do every other day. And every other time I do a mask, I switch masks. So

  • Sunday - Charcoal 
  • Monday - No mask
  • Tuesday - Mint Julep Masque (it's like a mud mask(
  • Wednesday - No mask
  • Thursday - Charcoal 
And so on. Both of these are from Walmart and are less than $3. 

5. Toner. After the mask on a mask day, or straight after cleanser when I'm not doing a mask is toner. I like toner because I can really feel the acne medicine in this working. That's what I really want from my products. I got this at Ulta and it was the cheapest one at $9. 

6. Lotion. After toner my face feels super dry so I then put this super hydrating lotion on. I let this sit for a while and read, watch an episode of a tv show, do relaxing yoga, or watch YouTube videos.

7. Night cream. This is the very last thing I do to my face at night. Right before I'm about to lay down for bed, I put this on. It feels SOOOOOO good on my skin. It is super hydrating but it's not so thick that you stick to the pillow. It's such a good product. I got it from Target and it was about $15. 

8. Sleep Lotion. My sister got me this for my birthday this year and I love it! It's the Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy Sleep lotion in lavender chamomile. Usually right before I fall asleep, after my night cream, I put this on my hands and feet. It smells so good and I really think that it helps calm me down before I go to bed!

After, I always put on chapstick. Right now I'm using SoftLips in birthday cake flavor.

I have been wanting to start getting into YouTube, and I was wondering if you guys had any opinions. Would you watch? Do you have any suggestions? Would you want to see a skin care video? Let me know in the comments, email me, or tweet me!

What is your nightly skin care routine?

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