How to Organize Your Notes, Notebooks, Planners, Color Codes, and other Supplies You'll Need for College

Every Monday for the next few weeks I'm going to be talking about getting ready for school. This week, I'm going to be discussing the supplies that I always get for school and how I really organize my notes and supplies. After four semesters of college I've finally figured out a system of how I organize my stuff, take notes, and plan. Next week, I'll dive deeper into my planning system when I am in school. 


I discovered these Staples' Access notebooks last year and I'm obsessed. Seriously everything is included and it's only $8 for a 5 subject notebook. In the front there is a folder for various things, I keep extra loose leaf paper in here sometimes. There's page tabs, a ruler and even a calendar! I keep important dates here so that if I'm in class I don't have to dig out my planner, it's all right in the notebook I'm already writing in. 

I got the five subject notebook because I have five classes. There's a folder for each section where I keep the syllabus and calendar for each class. On the first page of the section I write the subject in the color and put and page tab so I know exactly what class it is. 

Folders and Writing Utensils

My first semester/year for school I tried to use a binder with dividers because I read that was the best way to organize stuff. But, as the semester went on, some teachers wouldn't punch holes in their pages and I got super lazy and didn't want to do it myself. So I found out that folders are the best option. After I write my notes during class in my notebook, I rewrite them and put them in these folders. Also, any handouts go in here as well. 

Also as you can see, everything is super color coded. I have stickies that correspond to each class/job and when I have to make a note of something super quick I just write it on there, and either it goes in my planner or up on my wall with my calendar (below). 

I also have a highlighter, pen, and Stabilo (like a sharpie) pen for each class. Class notes will be written in black and for important items when I'm writing notes will be written with the color of the class' pen. The sharpie pen is used for my planner and when I rewrite my notes. 

Pencil Holder

I got this pencil holder at Target for $5! Seriously, $5! I keep everything in here, my highlighters, pens, pencils, index cards, page tabs and some stickies. It's convenient for class and studying and it's super cute. And these are the sharpie like pens that I use for my planner and for rewriting notes. 


Like I said, next week I will dive deeper into how I plan during the school year, but here's some supplies to get you started. I am a little excessive when it comes to planning and to-do lists. I have a planner, a small notebook and a to-do list pad. In my planner I write an overview of what is going on that day, like 
  • Class 11:00-11:50am
  • Work 1-6pm
  • Workout 7-8pm
And so on. I also write important things that I need to do like "work on paper" or Test @ 1pm. In the smaller notebook I write a complete to-do list for that day. I also have a running list of tasks that will need to happen throughout the week that don't necessarily have a due date but still need to be done on the to-do list pad. 


Here's some extra supplies I keep around either in my book bag or at my desk.
  • Mini stapler
  • Calculator
  • Index cards
  • Eraser
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Glue
  • Scissors
This is just some of the things that keep me going during the school year to keep me organized and alive. Plus about 6 cups of coffee a day.

How do you organize during the school year?

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