Five Things

1 - It's the Final Countdown// I swear all I hear in my head when I think about school is "It's the Final Countdown" signing in my head. I have a TON of stuff to do before I head back like cleaning, getting my school stuff together, prepping blog posts and some work stuff. So the next few weeks are going to be jam packed!

2 - Organizing Before and Afters// Do you need a little bit of inspiration to organize your life? These makeovers are seriously to die for! I want to throw all of my work away for today and organize all of my closets!

3 - Finishing Touches// A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about how to design on a budget or designing your home with what you have. I gave a tour of my house and showed you how I did it. I still had a few things (okay, a lot) of things that I still wanted to get and put some finishing touches here and there. And this week I finally did. I still want a butter dish, a new tv stand (I will definitely have to wait a while because they're not cheap), and something for over the couch, but I can't figure out what yet. Other than that I think I'm pretty satisfied with how everything is right now! 

For a tour of the new pieces I've added: wait for Thursday when I give an Apartment Tour - Update!

4 - Smart Whistle to Stop Assault// I saw this video on Facebook and I think it's so cool! This whistle is small, the battery can last for 2 months and when you blow into it it alerts selected friends and family that you're possibly in danger. It attaches your location so if they're able, they can find you or alert the police to your location. It's amazing what technology can do now!

5 - Ingrid's July Favorites// I always love watching Ingrid's monthly favorites. I always find so many new products I want to try! Here's her July favorites!

What You Missed:

What are your five things for this week?

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