How to Juggle Work and School Effectively

Last year I really had to learn how to prioritize my time when I was working and going to school. It's not easy going to class, then working and getting off at 6pm to just go home and clean, study and do homework. However, it's important. Having a job is a necessity, and if you're in school it needs to be a huge priority as well.

Spend time planning
One of the biggest things that helped me was to spend 10-15 minutes in the morning planning out what I needed to do. I usually got to class early to be able to do this. In the morning I have a little more clarity on what exactly I need to do that day and what I can realistically do. I incorporate both the must dos and the things that are on my master list to fit what I can in my day. If you have a daily planner, it's a lot easier to do. You can write exactly when you're going to do what and you can block off time. However, if you don't have a daily planner, you can do similar things such as writing "1-1:50pm - class", "2-2:30pm  - ride bus", 3-4:30pm - rewrite notes and go over class materials" in your notebook or planner. If you plan your day out to the hour, it will be harder to avoid doing something.

I also recommend each night going over your planner and to do list to make sure you did everything you needed to do and get a clearer vision of what you need to do the next day.

Set aside time for studying
I was seriously terrible at this. For months I got off of work and I didn't want to do anything. I did what was absolutely necessary and nothing more. Not surprisingly, I got a little behind and I have my GPA to show for that. However, I plan on spending 2-3 hours each night going over class notes and studying to really get the grades I want.

Be honest with your employer
It might just be my boss, but I assume most employers would be understanding, but if I tell him I have a huge test, he will either let me go early or study at the store. He understands that school comes first and he wants me to get the education I deserve. So I recommend telling your boss that hey, I need an hour between class and when I go to work. Or I can't work on Sunday nights because that's when I get my best studying done. Also make sure that when it's exam time, you let your job know ahead of time that you can't work a day before or during that time.

Prioritize Relaxing Time
I went weeks and weeks without ever taking a moment for myself. Showers were rushed, meals were rushed, I didn't pick up a book for pleasure in months. I am making a promise to myself for that NOT to happen this year. I was unhappy all of the time and I really think taking some time out to do something that didn't feel like work (so not blogging) would have helped me be a little happier.

How do you juggle school and work?

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