How to Have the Perfect Spa Day Before You Go Back to School

I have done this "back to school spa day" for as long as I can remember. Of course when I was younger it consisted of taking a shower, straightening my hair and painting my nails the Sunday before school started. As I got older, and into high school it really started to turn into a spa day and it's become a tradition since! I plan on doing a small version of this "spa day" on Thursday the 20th, the day before I move. What am I doing?

Hair Cut// Before the first day I like to get my haircut. Usually I do, but I'm trying to grow my hair out so I'm not going to get one this year.

Massage// Last year, I got a massage from my mom for my birthday and it felt so good. It was nice getting a whole hour to relax before moving in and starting school!

Nails// I plan on taking myself to get my nails painted in gel polish. If you don't know what gel is, it is basically nail polish that stays on for about two weeks, which will definitely be helpful so I don't have to worry about chipped nails before going to school!

Take out My Contacts// I always take out my contacts and wear my glasses for a few days before I go back to school!

The Day Before the First Day of Classes:

What I do:

Shower// Shower time! Make sure you're nice and clean for your first day! But in the shower...

             Shave your legs// It's still summer so it's still time for you to make sure your legs are shaven to show of those legs of yours in your shorts! (I also recommend washing your sheets the day you do your spa day because shaved legs and clean sheets are heaven). 

            Body Scrub// I got body scrub from my mom a couple of years ago and I love it! I use it after I shave my legs to make them extra soft and exfoliated. 

           Shower Bomb// I got a shower bomb from a beauty store while I was at the beach and they are infused with tea tree oil. They smell so good and help relax you even more!

After you've exfoliated, before you moisturize....

Mask// Take out your favorite hardening mask and leave it to dry for 10-20 minutes! After the mask is hardened and you've washed it off, make sure to moisturize! I usually use a mud mask, however, I just bought a charcoal mask and I'm loving it!

Blackhead Strips// My nose is my problem area so I use a strip for 10-15 minutes (until it's hard) and take it off. Next, moisturize that nose!

Eyebrows// Make sure your eyebrows are perfect for your first day! Tweeze your eyebrows (or go get them waxed)! 

Movie// Put on a movie, one you've never seen before or one of your favorites! 

Nails// Time to paint your nails if you haven't already! 

Hair// I rarely do anything with my hair during the school week. So the day before class starts I try to straighten or curl my hair to look nice! Often times I do this on Sundays too!

Relax// Just relax! You're about to head into fall semester so take this last day to relax as much as you can!

This is just what I like to do so I can feel confident, happy, and pretty on my first day of school, by now it's also a tradition! Feel free to omit whatever doesn't apply to you or add your own spin on your "back to school spa day"! 

What do you like to do before you go back to school?

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