Apartment Tour - Update

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post on Designing With What You Have and I gave a house tour of my house. Since then, I've updated a few things around the house. I still want to get some frames for the gallery wall above the couch. But that's really about it. I feel so bad for Kayla because I swear every time she comes back from work or wakes up in the morning I've added something, changed something or moved something. I'm finally happy with the house and everything we have incorporated.

I changed around the lamps and added a gallery wall. 

I added a quote from 

We got this tapestry from Five Below. We picked this color because of the yellow pieces we already have. 

If you follow me on Instagram you probably have seen this. Koda doesn't need her crate anymore so we put it away and I added this little mirror, crate and flowers!

I made this little canvas piece originally with my A in purple and Kayla's K in green (our favorite colors) but I painted it to match our bathroom. 

I mixed up our little microwave area. I added a few cookbooks, an empty wine bottle and moved our calendar to the side of the fridge, which is more convenient. 

Over here, I got a utensil holder from Walmart for a couple of dollars but it was silver. We're going with a gold theme so I used the left over spray paint from refurnishing our dining table and spray painted it to match. 

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