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This week was my first full week of being back to blogging and I have to say I really, really missed it! Last summer I had such a great routine of working and blogging and I've missed how connected I was to my readers and other bloggers. So since I'm back to blogging I figured I needed to get back to Five Things! They've always been my most read post, and my mom's favorites, so for you mom, I'm back to my Five Things!

This week is my first full week of actual summer. I spent the first month and a half in a math class because I failed math last semester. I passed this time but I really didn't think I was going to. I was having so much trouble with it so I'm extremely relieved! i've been going back and forth on if I wanted to admit that or not, but I have been struggling so much with math and managing work and school that I really think my experiences could help other people out. You'll probably be seeing a post about it real soon!

Since I'm no longer in a horrid math class, I spent this week catching up on my freelance work and my blog. I really made a point not to work after 5 so I can still have some time to relax. Kayla and I decided to have a date night this week. So we head out to Red Lobster (we had a gift card) and a movie and she gets a text from her manager "do you remember you have to host tonight?" She completely forgot! So we finished dinner and I dropped her off at work. It wasn't quite the date night we had planned but we'll go see a movie some other time!

That was my week so let's get to it!

1 - Hulu// I have been wanting Hulu for a long time now. I've pretty much exhausted Netflix (except for Orange is the New Black) so I needed something new. I really like Hulu because they have new releases. It blows my mind that Pretty Little Liars comes on Tuesday's and it's on Hulu within a couple of days! I don't have cable so getting to see Pretty Little Liars, the Bachelorette and so much more within the same weeks makes me feel like I'm in the loop! I'm currently binge-watching Real World, with a side of Mindy Project and the Bachelorette. Does anyone else have Hulu?

2 - Movies// Like I said we were going to go to the movies on Friday, however, we couldn't decide on what we wanted to watch! Finding Dory just came out, we wanted to see the Shallows, The Purge came out the day before and we LOVE scary movies and the Conjuring so the Conjuring 2 was on the list as well. Ultimately we didn't have to choose but I was leaning towards the Purge. I love that it's about the election year and I thought that would make for and interesting plot. Within the next couple of weeks we're probably going to go on another date night, so we're going to have to narrow it down. What movies have you seen? Any recommendations?

3 - Planner Escapades// So I'm having trouble. My Day Designer ran out this month. But after classes ended this semester I didn't really see a need to use it, honestly. I still work and up until last week I was having to do an insane amount of math so I could have used it, but I didn't really want to carry around a huge planner everywhere. But looking back at pictures and thinking about how I like to plan, I am really considering getting another one. I love that you can plan out hour by hour and quite frankly during the school year with working, classes, homework, studying and Koda, I really needed it. However, I started bullet journaling and I really like the system I have in place. Also, a couple of months ago I did a post on the Happy Planner. So I still have that planner as well. You can plan out morning, afternoon and night, which is definitely helpful. So for now I think I'm going to continue to bullet journal as well as use the Happy Planner. Maybe by next week I'll decide what I want to do!

4 - Baby Wedges// On Friday when we were getting ready for our date, Kayla went to get her hair cut which is right next to Target. So I ran in there. I've been looking for some high heels/wedges that are low enough that I can wear comfortably and that look professional enough to wear to work. So I found these. However, they're children's shoes! I saw them and they're cute, they were ON SALE and they had a low heel. So I bought them. I now call them my baby wedges. I think it's so funny that I can fit into kids shoes. I think they're so cute and I can't wait to wear them more!

5 - Ingrid's Sunday Routine// In honor of the first Sunday edition of Five Things (if you're just starting to read Design Ally I used to do my Five Things on Friday) I thought I would share Ingrid's Sunday Routine. While I usually don't wear makeup on Sundays (especially during the school year) I can totally see where it makes you feel better to put some makeup on! And I'm actually watching the Mindy Project too! Yay Hulu!

What You Missed this Week:

What are your five things for this week? 


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  2. The baby wedges are the cutest! x

  3. I recommend seeing Finding Dory & the Legend of Tarzan. I'm all caught up on PLL and looking forward to the new episode this week

    1. Thanks! We'll probably end up watching Finding Dory! I need to catch up on PLL bad!

  4. I feel the same way about Netflix! I'm watching Beauty & the Beast right now, but when I'm done it's going to be a struggle to find a new show that I like!

    The Blush Blonde

    1. I like that they have Scandal pretty quickly!! Hulu doesn't have that. If you haven't watched it, you should!

  5. Such a great post; I have both Hulu and Netflix and love them both-the fact that Hulu always has new releases is such a huge plus for me! As far as planners go, I highly recommend Erin Condren-I've been using her planners for about three years now & I swear by them!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern And Style


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