Living With a Significant Other

Kayla and I didn't make a decision to move in together - it just kind of happened. When we got Koda I was spending the night a lot to help since she was so young and little. But we got really used to me staying over and most of my stuff was there. So I just stayed. At first I had a lot of trouble with it. Everything in the apartment was hers, naturally. I felt really out of place for a while. Like I didn't belong in the apartment (which Kayla protested and always made me feel like it was mine too) but I also did not feel at home in my dorm either.

Eventually I started bringing more of my stuff over and getting things to decorate the apartment. Since then, we've moved from an apartment over to a duplex and we love it! It's double the size. It's perfect for two humans and a big German Shepard mix. Overall, it really works for us. We've always been really compatible together so living together works. But it isn't always completely easy. Here are some things you should think about before you move in with your significant other.

1. Decorating// My style is super girly and I like everything to flow and go together (I mean duh, I'm an Interior Design major). Kayla doesn't really care but she does not like girly things. So I've really had to compromise and dial down the girly and limit my pink (my pink Keurig will NEVER leave though!). She's had to limit her superhero posters and deal with my need for matchy matchy things.

2. Two of everything// When you live with someone else, you have two times the amount of everything. Twice as much laundry and twice as much dishes, which means twice as much water and utilities that you have to pay for. You have to get twice as much groceries and you'll probably choose to eat in more. Kayla and I sort of split the cost of groceries. We go shopping and we buy the stuff that each of us only use. I buy my coffee, creamer and other snacks that I only eat. Kayla buys her soda and cereal. Then we split the stuff for dinner like beef, chicken, pasta, and rice. That's just what works for us! 

3. A lot of compromises// Living together you will have to compromise A LOT. I don't ever want to come home and wash dishes but if it's my turn, I have to. Also, Kayla gets really hot really fast. So the air is always up, but I don't mind the heat as much and I actually get cool pretty fast. So we usually keep the air up and I just grab a sweater if I need to. 

Other than that, I really love living with Kayla. It's like living with my best friend. 

If you live with your significant other, what is it like? What's hard? What do you like about it? 

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