Freelancing in College: Pros and Cons

As many of you know, I am like the pro of Freelance. I currently have three freelance jobs and I love all of them. I was thinking the other day, if I had to get rid of one or two, I seriously do not know which one I would pick! It's been the best thing for me since I'm a full time student, I have Koda (who needs so much attention), and I want to have a social life! I know a lot of people are skeptical of freelancing jobs, but there are some serious, serious benefits!

Choose Your Own Hours// This is by far my favorite part of Freelancing. I can work at 6am, 10pm, 12am or whenever. Since I'm in school, my schedule of classes is pretty set. I can't really do anything during those times except during my breaks. It's super helpful for me to be able to work for a few minutes here and a few minutes there.

Work Where You Want// I love this too! You can work on your couch, you can work during class, you can work on your bed. You can work while you're watching a movie. But make sure wherever you're working, you're paying attention and still getting your work done. For a while I took advantage of the freedom, but then I wasn't able to work without being in a quiet room at a desk.

You're Your Own Boss// Going with those posts above, you really are your own boss. Granted, you still have someone to tell you what to do, but most clients are generally laid back. They tell you what to do and you get it done in your own time, efficiently, quickly and perfectly. If you don't want to work one day, you usually can take the day off with no repercussions. And with that being said...

Perfect Amount of Work// With my jobs, I have the perfect amount of work. I usually edit a few blog posts, write a couple expense reports, go to a meeting or two and write some articles. That may sound like a lot, but it usually only takes about 10 hours a week. Which when I divide it up 10 minutes here, 10 minutes there, it doesn't feel like a lot. Most clients give you a few tasks a week (except for this one job I interviewed for, it was 8 hours a day!).

Inconsistent// With that being said, it's super inconsistent. One week I can make $5, the next a couple of hundred. It really all depends on what's going on with your clients. One week you won't even hear from them, the next you have so much to do it's crazy. But that's the nature of freelance work.

Difficult to Get// Quite honestly, it's sort of difficult to get these jobs. I would just sit down and apply to about 10 a day until I got these jobs. Some applications you won't even hear back, some you'll interview and then they give it to someone else. But if you really sit down an apply to the ones you have the most experiences in, your profile/resume will speak for yourself.

I get my Freelance work from Upwork. I have had great experiences so far!

Do you do any freelance work? Do you enjoy it?

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