Five Things

1 - Design Job?// So some exciting news. I am going for an interview at an Interior Design firm/furniture dealer on Monday! I'm super excited and I'm really hopeful! Many design firms around campus hire design students because they know it's great experience and the things we're learning are fresh on our minds! Wish me luck! 

2 - Kayla Itsines// I've heard so much about the amazing fitness guru Kayla Itsines. Everyone does her workouts and everyone is super obsessed with her. So I had to check her out. Then I proceeded to spend a good two hours stalking her blog and saving her workouts and some of her recipes. I am SO excited to try this Mexican Quinoa!

3 - Snow// It snowed a good couple of inches yesterday (in about an hour) and Koda loved it! We have a small little back yard and it was covered in snow. At first she had no idea what it was but soon she was running around and jumping everywhere! 

4 - Flower Arranging Secrets//  Spring is coming! But you wouldn't even know it here in Greenville. Fresh flowers seriously make a home (and if you don't believe me, surely you'll believe Joanna). I usually just buy bouquets from the grocery store, but they obviously over price them! Joanna from Fixer Upper shows you how to make your own great arrangement

5 - Valentine's Day// Valentine's Day is tomorrow! Kayla and I don't usually do a lot on Valentine's Day, usually just dinner and we watch a movie at home. But this year I think we're going to get some ~fancy~ sushi and go see Mockingjay Part Two on campus! I'm loving Ingrid's new video and I'm definitely going to be doing her makeup tutorial! 

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What are your five things for this week?

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