Decorating a Small Apartment {On A Budget}

One of the things about being a broke college student (and usually for years after) you have to deal with a small apartment. It's not easy. You can only set your furniture one way, you're hitting cabinet doors with something else in the kitchen, and generally you just don't have a lot of space to do much with. However, there are many ways to maximize your space, have a cute apartment, and not go completely broke.

Go vertical// One of the best ways to really maximize your space is to go vertical. That could mean adding tall bookshelves, using a standing dresser instead of one that is horizontal, or adding shelves to your walls. A lot of apartment complexes (usually near campus') have built in bookshelves. USE THEM! Add things to the shelves that you don't use on a daily basis but would still like easy access to. Try antique stores, Salvation Army, and yard sales to cut out on the cost.

Get multiple uses out of a piece of furniture// It's just not feasible to have a dining room table, a couch, an arm chair, coffee table, entertainment center, etc. all in your living room. While it may be a little inconvenient, use your coffee table as your dinner/dining table. This cuts down on a lot of space and a lot of money! To be able to sit comfortably on the floor while eating, grab a couple of floor pillows and sit on those!

Push Your Bed into the Corner// This is such an easy solution (and free). Just push your bed to one side of your bedroom and you instantly have so much space. Add a shaggy rug in the empty space for style and comfort and enjoy those few extra feet!

Lighting// One thing that was ingrained in our heads in my residential design class is that lighting is one of the most important things in a home, and really in any space. Adding a lamp or string of christmas lights (usually $3-5) can really add so much to a room. As you can see above, the colored christmas lights add light to the room, but also add ambience. If you're looking for a more classic look, use white lights instead of colored. Walmart has so many cute lamps (I got a teal base with a white shade for around $12 and it's so cute) for really cheap. Also, another fun thing is lava lamps. I got my pink glittery lava lamp at a yard sale for super cheap and it's a fun addition to the living room.

What are your tips for decorating a small apartment on a budget?
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