Staying In Necessities

On Monday I discussed “Should you go out or stay in?” Well, let’s say that you decided to stay in! I have the perfect Staying in Necessities for you to just stay in and relax!

Netflix// Hop onto your Netflix account and binge watch your favorite show or find a new movie you haven’t seen!

Movie// Maybe tonight is the perfect night to watch one of your favorites! I usually can’t choose between the Notebook and Perks of Being a Wallflower!

Good Book// If you’re more into a no screens kind of night, pick up a good book that you’ve been neglecting due to your studies!

Snacks// My favorite staying in snacks are popcorn, candy and surprisingly pita chips! Leave yours in the comments below!

Drinks// I really only drink water, except for during the fall (apple cider) and winter (hot chocolate). The hot drinks are perfect for snuggling up and getting cozy under the covers. However, if you’re 21+ a glass of wine would be nice!

Comfy Clothes// I love wearing a huge sweatshirt with leggings and yoga pants! During the summer or the warmer months, a big t-shirt and Norts will do!

Candles// My dorms have a “no candles” policy, however, there are options! There are so many different styles of fake candles that give the same effect but are operated by batteries!

No Distractions// When I’m having a staying in “me night” I put away my computer, all of my school stuff, and don’t check any social media!

What are your staying in necessities?

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