Five Things

1 - Harry Potter All the Time// Starting October 24th, the UK is going to have a Harry Potter channel with all 8 movies, interviews, etc for the 15th anniversary of the Sorcerer's Stone release! Hopefully this will inspire the same here in the US...

2 - American Horror Story// AHS is back! And if it's going to be like anything like the first episode, it's going to be crazy. But isn't AHS always crazy?! Do you watch American Horror Story?

3 - Fall Break// It's Fall break! I am so happy to have a few days off of classes, and time to go home. BUT, I'm going to be working, doing homework, and studying all week.

4 - Bringing Koda Home// So we brought Koda home this weekend. And she actually stayed at my house! Which is shocking because, while my dad loves dogs, he does want them in our house because of the hair and our cats. It was stressful at times but it was worth it getting to see my family!

5 - Whine About It Season Finale// Matt Bellassi is at it again with The Worst Things About Fall. And yet again, he's literally hilarious.

Ep. 23: The Worst Things About Fall
This week on the SEASON 1 FINALE of Whine About It... THE WORST THINGS ABOUT FALL.We'll be back with Season 2 of Whine About It on Oct. 28, but make sure you stay tuned for some special videos in the meantime!
Posted by Matt Bellassai on Wednesday, October 7, 2015

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What are your five things for this week? 

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