Organizing For Finals

It's that time everyone! It's finals! If you haven't by now, it's time to start getting ready for them by organizing everything you have. This is important, and I'll explain to you why below. Here is how I organize for finals.

I talked about this a little bit last semester but like always, each semester is different so you have to adapt!

Agenda: Obviously write everything down in your agenda. This is where you can write the overview of what you have to do today, you don't have to write specifics of "study for health test"; I will show you where I write my exact to do list! Your agenda is good to be able to see your whole week in a format that is familiar to you.

To-Do List Binder: How cute is this little binder?!? This is where I write a little more specifically what I need to do for today. "Study for health test" was on my agenda but in here I write "Make flashcards", "Finish Study Guide". This is also where I write stuff that has carried over, anything I didn't finish and anything extra like my freelance work, blogposts to write, and workout classes I want to try to attend. Apparently my Interior design professors don't like to use blackboard and print outs to let us know what we have to do for our finals (they're all really intense and require a lot of different elements) so this is where I keep the notes on all I have to do for my finals.

Bond Paper: (For non-Interior Design majors-computer paper) Because two to-do lists wasn't enough right? I don't know why this is necessary for me, but I wrote again my to-do list for each day. Basically what's on these papers is the amount of information in between both my agenda and the binder to-do list. I like being able to cross a lot of things off, so if I "study for health" by making flash cards, I have 3 places I can cross it off. This makes me feel like I'm getting a lot done which in turn makes me want to accomplish more.

Stocking Up: Making sure you have all of the supplies you need to be able to study for finals effectively. This includes index cards, high lighters, page markers, sticky notes, plenty of paper, etc. Everything you can think of, make sure you're stocked up!

Trust me, this is important because I ran into a problem last semester right at finals time. I ran out of flashcards. Ya know, no big deal right? Yes it was. There's a little market on campus about a minute from my dorm so I ran down there because they usually have them. NOPE! They were all out and they weren't getting another shipment.

I don't have a car so I couldn't just go to Walmart, and Kayla went home for a few days to visit a friend, so she couldn't take me either. I don't remember what I did. I think my roommate ran and got some from a nearby store. But this would have all been avoided if I had stocked up my supply before finals week! So learn from me and go ahead and get some new supplies if you haven't already!

Organizing: Make sure everything has a place and everything is together how they should be for easy access. The last thing you need to worry about is "WHERE is the other half of my health flashcards?!?!" I obviously color-code everything so it makes it simple for me if I see pink anywhere on it, I know it's for Health! Keep flashcards together with a binder clip to avoid losing things! Make sure you know where everything is. I make sure I keep my blank stickies, index cards, page markers and pencils, etc all in this pencil holder:

Don't keep everything on your workspace when you're studying. ONLY keep what you're working on on your desk. This will curb the feeling of you being overwhelmed and losing things!

Yeah, you're definitely going to need coffee. It's ideal if you keep/make your own coffee so you don't end up spending $100 on Starbucks by the end of the week. I have both coffee cups for my Keurig but I also have the Starbucks coffee that you can pop in the fridge beforehand and then grab as you go. This way if I need to go to the library, or somewhere else on campus besides the study room on my hall, I don't have to bring my travel mug (even though it's super cute-and I probably will anyway).  Like I said above, make sure you're stocked up so you won't have to end up spending money on that expensive Starbucks drinks.

Mental Health:
It's so easy to go a little bit crazy during finals. Spending endless hours in the library or study rooms, surrounded by books, your 3rd cup of coffee, index cards you don't even know what class they're for. You're stressed; it's inevitable because you probably have been slacking on reading and are just now study for your final exam at the end of this week (aka me right now).

This is why study breaks are SO important. It's so important to give yourself a break. It can be simple or it can be going to a half hour yoga class. What I like to do is just walk around the area that I'm studying. If I'm studying in the study room on my hall, I just walk around my hall, refill my water bottle and maybe grab another small snack to eat. Just step away from the computer screens, the flashcards and all the schedules for AT LEAST 5 minutes.

GOOD LUCK EVERYONE! I know you'll do great! Just focus and breathe!

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How do you organize yourself for finals?

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