Five Things

Here it is. The last full week of class is over! Next Thursday starts exams for me. And honestly, I'm so unprepared! I really wish I would have gotten my shit together this semester, but I've just been off my game. But I'm going to spend this weekend trying to get my stuff ready for finals and spending some time with my family in Greenville!

1 - Habits to Give Up in Your 20's// I'm not quite 20 but I am friends with a lot of older people, and I'm starting to see how some of these tips could be useful, not just for my 20-something friends, but me as a 19-year-old college freshman. It's time to start focusing on what's important: my future. However, I am in college, so I might as well live it up (a little) while I can! But not too much!

2 - Invisibilia// I can't remember if I've mentioned this podcast on my five things before, so I thought I would include it anyway! I listened to the entire first season of Invisibilia and it's safe to say I'm hooked! It's all about the invisible forces that run our lives: thoughts, categories, etc. It's SO interesting. I loved listening to this on the bus going to Kayla's or walking home from class. It really helped me pass the time! Definitely give it a try!

3 - Last Week of Class- Told by Golden Retrievers// THIS IS SO CUTE! If you love dogs, click this link NOW! If you need a laugh, click this link NOW! Not only is it cute, but it's surprisingly accurate!

4 - Family Visits// I'm SO excited because my family is coming to Greenville (ECU) for the first time since my birthday! My dad's birthday is Sunday and his one request was to go to a restaurant in a town a couple towns over for dinner! So they're coming to Greenville first and we're going to eat Sup Dogs for lunch (amazing Greenville staple), start packing up some of the stuff I don't need for them to take back and then go to Chef and the Farmer for dinner in Kinston!

5 - Tiny Hamsters, Tiny Burritos// Yes, I know. I'm obsessed with these videos! BECAUSE HOW CUTE ARE THEY!?!?!?

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What are your five things for this week?

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