Working Out Playlist

You know when you turn on Pandora or Songza and pick a playlist and realize it's totally fitting to your mood? Especially when you're working out. A good song, or playlist of songs can totally change your mood and make you power through your workout. I've mentioned it in another post, but I've begun attending group fitness classes recently at the rec center on campus. They have classes like yoga/tai chi/pilates, strength training, kickboxing, step classes and Zumba.

In these classes obviously the playlist is chosen for me. But when a song comes on that I know, or particularly like, it makes it just a little easier to punch a little bit harder in kickboxing, shake my hips a little bit more in Zumba, or go deeper into a pose in yoga. When I workout just in the gym on a cardio machine or just lifting weights, it takes the perfect playlist to listen to in my headphones so I'm not completely bored out of my mind.

I've put together what I think is a great workout playlist. However, you can definitely make your own! Pick songs that are upbeat, and that you love. Something that's going to make you want to power through the rest of your work out, and give you that extra kick when you need it!

What are your favorite songs to workout to?

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