Favorite Rooms

As you know, I'm an Interior Design major and I LOVE IT. So I've recently come up with some posts to try and incorporate my two passions, Interior Design and my blog. Hopefully I can give you guys some ideas for your own rooms! I've put together some of my favorite rooms I've seen on Pinterest, which is where I get most of my ideas. I have a ton of boards on Pinterest just for different Interior Design stuff. Here's some of my favorites from my boards.

Is it weird to love a laundry room so much?

A mostly white kitchen is my dream kitchen!

How fancy does this open concept kitchen + living room look?

Can you say, "dream desk"?

The pops of color on the rise of this stair case add so much to an other wise slightly boring staircase!

I absolutely love the style of this living room!

The style of this living room is DEFINITELY something I would love to have in the future. 

The high ceilings of this bedroom are to DIE for!

I love the cozy feel of this living room!

What are some of your favorite elements to put into a room?


  1. If my laundry room looked like that I would never leave! I LOVE the clean and light feeling it has to it.

    1. Right? I feel like I could get so much more laundry done in this room!

  2. I really like the laundry room, it is somewhere I could stay in there a long time doing laundry. Which happens to be my least favorite chore to do.

    I also like the cabin like roof in living room, it does make it cozy looking.

    1. I could stay in the laundry room forever too!


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