Five Things

I haven't been home in a month. I can't believe it. I'm going home next weekend for spring break and I'm honestly so excited to go back home and take a break and catch up with my family! 

1 - Snow Days// This week it snowed A LOT in the south. I live in North Carolina and we usually never get snow. If it does snow, usually in February, it is never a lot. It's usually only a few inches about once or twice a year. Last year we got about 5 inches maybe and we were out of school for a week. I wasn't at ECU yet, but Kayla was so I saw a lot about it. Everyone was out of class and there was tons of parties, snowball fights and sledding. This year though, we got a lot of snow within two weeks. But this year school wasn't cancelled. Like at all, which is crazy because in North Carolina we get a week off for about an inch worth of snow!

2 - What Color is it?// This picture of a dress has practically taken over the internet. I'm sure you all know exactly what I'm talking about. I've read so much on it and no one really knows what's going on with it! I see it as white and gold, but Kayla sees it in blue and black. I've surveyed my other friends and everyone says something different. What do you see the dress as?

3 - Heart of Vegas// Everyone I know has a ton of games on their phone and they're always playing them when they have some extra time. But I don't. I sometimes get a game and then play it for a while and then never touch it again. I can't find a game I love and then stick to it. I actually think Heart of Vegas is different though! I got the game the other day and I can't put it down! It's so much fun and it's easy too. Definitely something you can spend a few minutes on between all of your work!

4 - Cooking// Every weekend when I spend some time at Kayla's apartment, we always cook some awesome dinner. Tonight was kielbasa, edamame and rice, all topped with soy sauce and sriraccha

5 - Harry Potter// Kayla and I have been trying to watch every single Harry Potter since I got them all for Christmas this year. And We're finally on Deathly Hollows Part one! Until recently I haven't seen really any of them besides the very first one, and I've always loved it! Now I finally get to finish the series like every other human being on earth.

Next week I will be having a link up for 5 things! If you have a blog and you want to link up, all you have to do is write a 5 things post just like I do and leave your link! I'll be co-hosting with Tawny from Slice of Happiness! Check her out in the mean time!

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What are your five things for this week?


  1. I was so surprised with all the snow in NC. I've seen both colors! That is CRAZY! Right now, I see white and gold.

  2. Harry Potter is my obsession! I loved all of the movies! I got the whole set for Christmas as well, and since then I watch them all the time! Have you read the books? Definitely something I would suggest to do once in your life!


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