Office and School Supply Favorites

If you ask any one of my friends they could tell you that I'm completely obsessed with being organized and office supplies in general. I have about 12 highlighters, hundreds of pens, over 50 markers (different kinds, colors and sizes), 5 notebooks, 3 binders, and 6 folders for my classes. And yes, all of this is completely necessary. I also have a stash of different colored sticky notes, those colored tabs to put into textbooks, index cards and stationary. I love office supplies! I've really started looking towards more of a sophisticated look when picking out my supplies and that's what I wanted to share with you guys today! (Also if my family or girlfriend happen to be reading....well, you know what you can get me for holidays!)

Pencil Holder// Where else are you going to keep your cute pencils, markers and pens? I like this one because you're able to see right through it to ensure you're grabbing the one you really want!

Pencils// I love these pencils, they all say a different saying and they're super cute. Gotta love some Kate Spade!

Pens// I put these pens on a list of mine a while ago, and I definitely still want them! I love retractable pens because I always lose the tops so these are both functional and cute!

Agenda// I could not live without my agenda. Honestly. I have so many assignments and so many things to do that I could not possibly remember everything!

Highlighters// I LOVE that these highlighters are retractable! And they come in so many different colors together that I could definitely color code my life even more efficiently! Who knew that was possible?

Notebooks// These notebooks are super cute. They're perfect for sticking in your backpack for easy access to job some notes down in class or a to-do list!

What are you favorite office supplies and where do you get them?!


  1. I am also a office supply fanatic. I love all of Kate Spade's desk accessories. Those pencils are too cute!

    1. I love Kate Spade too. Their desk line is definitely going to be the downfall to my bank account!


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