Five Things

Today I'm cohosting my five things post with Tawny from Slice of Happiness! She's writing a five things post also so definitely go check it out!

1 - Spring Break// Today starts my spring break! I'm going home for break and I'm so excited because I haven't gone home in over a month! I'm so so so ready to go home! It snowed last night, and tomorrow starts my spring break! I can't believe it! I'm just ready for some relaxing days at home!

2 - Family Farm Seaside/Last week I talked about wanting to find some new games to play on my phone for my free time. Recently I found Family Farm Seaside and I've begun playing and I love it! I've always loved role playing games like this. I've played games like Tap Resort a lot and Family Farm Seaside is very similar! Plant, grow and harvest your crops with just a tap on the screen. It's super simple and definitely addicting! Definitely download it if you like city-like games!

3 - Slice of Happiness// As y'all know I'm cohosting my five things this week with Tawny from Slice of Happiness! Meaning she is also writing a five things post! So definitely go check it out! Also go follow her on Twitter and Instagram!

4 - Duo Binder// Kristen from Organized Charm wrote a post yesterday about the Duo-Binder and after reading the post I'm so ready to go and buy me one! Definitely go read the post to get some ideas on how to use it!

5 - Cutest Kitten in the World// I saw this video on Facebook the other day and I almost cried! I seriously watched it about 3 times and you HAVE to watch it!!!

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What are your five things for this week?


  1. The kitten is too cute! Thanks for sharing! I definitely need a duo binder for my classes!
    Mikayla | www.aseersuckerstateofmind.com

    1. So do I! It can definitely be helpful!

  2. Cute things! Thanks for sharing!

    Lots of love,


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