have terrible anxiety. In about every single area of my life. It’s almost impossible to deal with sometimes. Recently though, I’ve gotten so much better. Some of the things I used to not be able to do:

  • Give my own order at a restaurant
  • Hang out with people on my own (Without Kayla or someone else I was super close with)
  • Introduce myself to strangers, I would have whoever I’m with do it
  • Leave my house without make up or nice clothes on
  • Ask for help in a store

I would literally never leave my house in fear of other people and who I was. I was so self conscious about how I looked, and if I would act absolutely stupid in front of new people and they wouldn’t like me. Still to this day, I make excuses when people ask me to hang out fi it’s someone other than Kayla or my other (2) best friends. I went to my friends the other day, three girls I’ve known for YEARS, almost my entire life. On the way to meet them, I almost threw up I was so nervous. I hate that I’m like that. I hate that I can’t just go out and have fun. And I almost NEVER ask someone else to hang out first, that would bring on the possibility of reject and that is not something I’m comfortable with dealing with. Often, I still have trouble doing the things listed above. Although I can still do them a times, I 

I have plenty of my own issues, anxiety, depression, self consciousness issues, etc. I’m still working on all of mine. Kayla helped me realize that what I’m feeling isn’t exactly normal, but it’s not super weird either. Everyone has problems. She pushed me to tell my parents and in turn tell my doctor, speak to a therapist, and eventually start taking medicine. 

I’m still not completely okay with everything in my life. I still get overly anxious and I can’t breathe. I still have times where I just break down and I think nothing is going right. I still have times where I look in the mirror and I hate everything I see. 

I’m going to give you my tips to how to deal with anxiety. Obviously I’m not a doctor so don’t just take my word for it!

Therapist// Now, here me out. I know people think it’s so weird and it’s only for the insane people. It’s not. I go to therapy every other week and I have for the past two years. It’s extremely helpful. She gives me amazing advice that I couldn’t find myself. I love Kayla and she does help me, but it’s not possible for her to give me the advice that my therapist does. She’s trained to help me. She helps me with everything in my life. I definitely recommend getting one. A lot of people don’t because they think it’s too expensive. My health insurance covers the whole thing. Talk to your parents about it and they can help you. 

Journal// I feel like I list this as every single tip to deal with something. But seriously, getting it all out helps. Once you write down everything you’re feeling it’s all out. Then you can reread it, and look back and a lot of the time you’ll notice when you look back it’s completely irrational and you won’t understand why you were acting that way. And even if you don’t, at least you got it all out without the feeling of being judged. 

Yoga// Again, something I say for everything. But it does help. Try a two minute downward facing dog without letting up, or a two minute child’s pose. It naturally brings your heart rate down. And you’ll be focused on perfecting the pose instead of whatever you’re worried about. Also, you can try meditation. It has the same wonderful benefits of yoga, but a lot less work!

Just do it// If you hike up your skirt and just do whatever it is that is giving you anxiety, do it. Just order your own meal. Just go and hang out with friends that you just met. Just go and have a meal by yourself at Taco Bell. Just go ask that sales lady where that shirt you saw last week is. Just do it. 

I hope I helped you in some way. I promise, it’s not ever going to last forever. There’s always someone. Please email me at allygagliardo@gmail.com at ANY time. I will respond within 24 hours, usually less. I will try and talk to you through it, and give you advice in any way I can. Don’t hesitate and don’t be afraid!

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