Long Distance Relationship Letter Ideas

Kayla and I were long distance for about two years while I was still in high school and she had already graduated and went to ECU. Over that time we set many, many letters back and forth. I always looked forward to walking to the mailbox and seeing a letter from her with my name on it. There was always so many cute things inside and many, many of the things are still hanging up in my room all over the place. Here are some ideas of things you can include in your letters to your significant other!

Notes from the Week// I would always write little notes while I was in class and thinking about her and collected them to put into the letters for her at the end of the week. You can write them on plain notebook paper, sticky notes, or notecards. They can be long, or short and sweet like "I love you!" written on a sticky note for them to put by their bed.

Pictures// Kayla would always send me cute little drawings and picture she makes. They're always so cute, simple, and inventive. I would always look forward to see what she had made for me when I open up the letter. Cute little pictures will always do the trick, even if it's just little doodles or something like that, your significant other will love it!

Photographs// When I got my school pictures taken, I would always send them to her. I would also get some of our pictures we had taken previously printed out and send them to her also so she could have them in her room.

Playlists// I am constantly making new playlists on my phone or computer of new songs, old songs, etc. Often I would write them out and send them to her so she could listen along also. I also do have a  long distance and "I Miss You" play list that I have sent to her before. Make a playlist of your favorite songs, songs that make you think of them, etc. Make sure they let you know which songs were their favorites!

Lists// I, as most of you know, am a avid maker of lists. I make lists for EVERYTHING. I can't tell you how many lists I've sent Kayla of the years. You can include a list of dates you would like to go on, bucket lists, favorite things about them, etc!

What are your other ideas?


  1. YAY FOR LISTS! Haha. This post has so many cute ideas that it almost makes me want to be in a long-distance relationship… almost :)

    1. Hahah, definitely don't wish that! Trust me, it's not fun!

  2. I love the list id for when Im in class and musing about my boyfriend and his whereabouts.Great post!

    1. Thanks for reading! Good luck with your boyfriend!


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