Body Love

Everyone has had those days where you look into the mirror and you don't like anything you see. Your hair isn't sitting right, a new pimple popped up over night, your love handles are peeking out over your leggings and your contacts were bothering you so you're wearing your glasses.

I've had those moments. Too many to count actually. But recently, I've been learning to appreciate and even love my body and how I look. I still have my moments, or even days where I would do anything for my hair to be stick straight or to finally not have any pimples. But, most days I can look in the mirror and be satisfied. It's really important to love your body and who you are in general. Here's a run down of why and how you should love yourself.

Why is it important?
Why is it important to love your body? All the negativity about you and your body is only going to make you unhappy. Why would you want to be unhappy? Why would you want to look in the mirror and spend 10 minutes picking apart your looks? It's important because you're going to have to live with your body for, well, the rest of your life. So let's learn to love your body, now shall we?

How can you learn to love your body?
Reframe Your Negative Thoughts// My therapist worked with me for a while on how to reframe my thoughts. It's more simple than it sounds, but it's also pretty difficult. When you think something bad about yourself, reframe it into something positive. Let's try it:

Negative: "My thighs are SO big"
Positive: "More thighs to power through squats with!"

For every negative thought you have about yourself, reframe it into something positive.

Research Yoga & Meditation// One thing I learned while I was practicing yoga and meditation every day this summer (something I want to get back into REALLY badly) is that it helps getting in touch with yourself. One of the mantras we learned was "So Hum" or "I am all there is". There are tons of articles and blog posts about different mantras and ways to use meditation and yoga to love yourself more.

You Time// Pamper yourself! Get your hair done, get a fresh hair cut, paint your nails, give yourself a facial, or anything you think you would make you feel fabulous. Read your favorite book, your favorite magazine, binge watch your favorite shows. Whatever it is that's going to make you happy!

Love yourself// At the end of the day, you have to live with yourself. Loving yourself is a wonderful way to make yourself happier. And you deserve it. So love yourself you pretty thing, you!

How do you show you and your body love?


  1. This is a great post, Ally! So inspiring! Im proud of the attitude you are taking!

    1. Thank you so much! I believe whole heartedly that we can love our bodies!

  2. Body love is SO important and so many women do not give their bodies the love it needs. Thanks for sharing this!!


    1. Exactly! that's why I felt the need to share! Thanks so much!

  3. Reframing the mind is always the hardest, will try to implement them. A very good read!

    Hana Blurbs

    1. It definitely is the hardest, but once you get it down, you're golden!


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