How to Prepare for Second Semester

Second semester is approaching and I'm really on the fence about wanting to go back or staying at home. Nevertheless, like any good collegiate should, it's time to start preparing for second semester. I have a few things that I like to do before I start a new semester, or especially a new year. Here is what I like to do:

Relax// Before next semester relax and get as much rest beforehand as possible. We all know how college is, you say you're going to go to bed at midnight. But Netflix is saying "One more episode.." Or you have that 3 page paper that you've procrastinated on. Whatever it is, we know you're not going to be getting the full eight hours of sleep needed.

Pamper Yourself// Paint your nails, get your hair done, do your favorite face mask, shave your legs, have a spa day just before you go back to pamper yourself. You'll feel and look great and refreshed when you arrive back to school. I always like to do this and I feel so confident and refreshed right before going back to school.

Clean Out Your Book bag// This is kind of obvious, but clean out your book bag from last semester. All of your folders and binders need to be cleaned out and ready to go for next semester. Test all of your pens and high lighters also, because I'm sure there are many that don't work. And if you suffer from the "I had 37 pens and pencils before the semester started and now I only have a half of pencil" disease, replenish your book bag now so you're ready!

Set Up Your Computer Folders// As most of you already do or should, you have designated folders for each year, semester, and class. Make sure your folders are already set up for next semesters new projects, papers and of course syllabi.

Read and Print Syllabi// This one is also obvious. Make sure you know what you're getting yourself into when you walk into class on the first day. Most professors go over their syllabi on the first day anyway, but it's better to walk into class and know what's supposed to be happening.

What do you do to get ready for the next semester?


  1. O boy, I still haven't even been able to order my books yet!

    1. Me either! Don't worry! I know I'm going to need books for two of my classes which I can't get until I get back, so I'm waiting to get the rest to see if I actually need them! Because this semester I ended up not using half of them!

  2. This is so helpful! Second semester starts next week and I haven't done any of these things yet. Thanks!


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