Five Things

This week was actually surprisingly busy for it still being winter break! I'm tying up some things at home, packing, getting some work done and starting to organize my stuff for some of my classes! Today my mom and I are going shopping and having a girl's day. I ran out of a lot of stuff during my last week at school (a.k.a. I'm out of food and coffee due to finals week stress). Let's get on to my five things!

1 - Lilly Pulitzer and Target// I saw Carly's Instagram and post last night and I literally screamed. LILLY PULITZER IS COMING TO TARGET! Starting April 19th, Lilly Pulitzer will be sold in Target stores in the US and Canada! I'm interested to see what the prices are. Target is a little bit more expensive (compared to Walmart) but it is most definitely not on Lilly's end! Here's some more articles about it here, here and here.

2 - 23 Pieces of Life-Changing Wisdom// I recently got this link in my inbox (I subscribe to Buddhaimonia). When I finally got the time to sit down and actually read it, I was so glad I did. I think everyone can learn so much from this post!

3 - Vampire Diaries// I have officially started Vampire Diaries and I'm OBSESSED. I'm finally getting to the point in the show when why Damon is the way he is, is finally explained. I like it because it has romance, drama, suspense, comedy, murder, fantasy, etc all in one show! So if you want a little bit of everything in one show, this is definitely the one to watch!

4 - Winter Break// Winter break is officially over! While I'm sad, and I'm going to miss my family, I am kind of excited to get back to school and get back to work. Oh, and yes, I am definitely missing the freedom that comes with college. If you haven't already, now's the time to get prepared for second semester! (My semester starts on Monday!) Read my post from earlier this week on how to get prepared!

5 - Second Semester// I've been religiously checking Blackboard to see if I have been added to my classes online. I just want to read those dang syllabi and get my stuff organized! Don't professors know I'm trying to be productive?!?! Anyway! First semester was rough, but I'm hoping second semester will be better now that I've got some experience under my belt! I'm really excited about the classes I'm taking this semester!

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What are your five things for this week?

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