How to "Deal" With Depression

"Dealing" with depression is something that is incredibly hard to do. I would know. For years, I tried to deal with it on my own. My method was basically just to pretend and try to ignore it. Eventually, I realized (or rather Kayla told and forced me) that I couldn't on my own anymore. I eventually started seeing a therapist every other week and started taking medication.

Even with both of those elements, I still had days where I didn't feel like getting out of bed, and wanted to do nothing but watch Netflix and ignore everyone around me. I realize now, it's not a great way to deal with depression. It's so much better when you do something to "deal" with depression. Instead of the opposite.

I encourage you to see your doctor, if you already haven't, and talk to someone about it. And if you're truly feeling depressed, don't let anyone tell you you're not. Some people don't understand exactly what depression is. It's not something that you just get over and move on the next day. Depression isn't just feeling sad for a couple of days and then getting over it. Depression is a disease and some people just don't grasp that.

I keep putting "deal" in quotes because can one actually deal with depression? I'm not sure. But you can lessen the symptoms. Here are some ideas on how to lessen those symptoms:

Paint Nails// I always get anxiety when my nails are chipped, and I feel a little bit better when my nails are painted. Paint your nails a nice bright color!

Journals// Write in your journals everything you're thinking. Why you think you feel this way, what you think is making you feel this way. Journals are great because you can write what you're thinking without being judged!

Watch Your Favorite Movie// My favorite movie is the Notebook, and I wouldn't honestly recommend it for a movie to watch when you're feeling depressed, but I would recommend your favorite comedy movie!

Take a Walk// Going for a nice little stroll around your street, neighborhood or campus. Some fresh air is good for when you want to just escape.

Clean// Vacuum your floor, dust your dressers, wash your clothes and sheets, put your clothes away, spray some air freshener, light some candles. Make your room or house as clean as possible!

Exercise// Put on your running shoes and go for a run. You'll feel a lot better once you work up a sweat. If you have access to a gym, you can take our your depression in the weight room.

Yoga// Take out your mat (or just your carpet for that matter) and spend 30 minutes to an hour just being and flowing through the positions.

Meditate// Like I've said before, meditation really gets you in touch with yourself. Just sit and meditate for 30 minutes and I can guarantee that you'll feel a little bit more at peace.

Shower// I don't know about you, but I feel about a thousand times better than before I got in. Take some extra time, using extra hot, or extra cold water, whatever you prefer!

Draw// Doodle all over your journals and take out some of that sadness.

Pet Animals// There's just something about petting a furry little animal that is soothing. So cuddle up with your pet, or visit a shelter or your local PetSmart.

Take a Nap// I know I said it was better to do something to help, but sometimes, there's nothing better than just taking a nap and wasting the day away.

As always, I'm here to talk. Email me at: allygagliardo@gmail.com, or message me on Tumblr (I'll answer privately). I'm always willing to offer as much advice as I possibly can!

What do you do to lessen the symptoms of depression?
*I am, obviously, not a doctor. I'm speaking from my own experiences. So please, I encourage you to speak to your doctor and/or your guardians. These examples are a way to lessen the symptoms for just a little while. For more permanent help, I encourage medication and talking to a therapist.

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