Study Break Ideas

As important as studying is, taking breaks from studying is equally as important. If you study for hours and hours with no break, chances are you're going to be terribly bored and unhappy. But I don't have time, you say?! Study breaks can be anything from 5 minutes to 30 minutes! Here are some easy  and effective study break ideas.

1 - Yoga// It can be a few poses or it can be a 30 minute sequence to calm, relax and recharge you.

2 - Shower// Not only is it definitely necessary, but showers definitely have the power to recharge you, and you're killing two birds with one stone!

3 - Social Media// I know, I know. Everyone says this isn't a good study break. But who cares? It's something mindless you can do for about 10 minutes and jump right back in!

4 - Walk// Go for a quick walk around your neighborhood, dorm, or a short walk around campus. It gets you up, moving, and out of that desk!

5 - Coffee// If you're studying in the library, head down to your closest Starbucks (ours is actually in our campus library). Grab yourself a coffee and a pastry and get back to it!

6 - Snack// Going along with number 5, grab yourself a snack. Preferably healthy. My go to is string cheese, hummus with pretzels and some water.

7  - Mini Workout// No time to work out during finals season? Split it into 3 or 4 separate 10 minute work outs over the course of your two hour study session. It's definitely good for a little boost of healthy energy.

What other study break ideas do you have and use?


  1. I'll read a few pages of my book, or i'll go for a quick run around my apartments!
    I love the tips you gave!

    1. Those are good ideas! I love reading for study breaks also because you can enter a different world for a little while!


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