Finals Cheat Sheets

I've written a couple of finals related posts recently so I thought I would link them here. I've also updated the Finals and Studying Tips post with some pictures! So definitely check that out. I'm also going to include some other posts from other awesome bloggers that I think will definitely help you out as you finish your last finals this semester!

Finals and Studying Tips 
Perfect Studying Stations
How I Study for Finals
Study Break Ideas
Should You Write or Type?

Organized Charm
7 Tips for a Productive Finals Week
Finals Cheat Sheet (Free Printables!)
Visual Notes: Crash Course
4 Rules for Effective Studying 

College Prepster
Intense Study Tips
Organize Please...Desk While Studying
Final Countdown
Organize Please...Finals Week

LabelTwentyNine on Life Style With Danny
Surviving Finals Week

Haute Mess
How To: Combat Stress and Anxiety

La Vie en Zoe
Studying for Foreign Language Exams

Sisterhood Redefined
Finals Freakout (How to Avoid it)
Moving into Midterms (Study Tips)

Blissfully Simple
Finals Week Survival Guide

Alyssa J Freitas
Finals Week: What to Bring to the Library

My Life As Hayden
How to Survive Finals

Healthy Helper
Tips and Tricks to Easing an Anxious Mind
5 Tips for Easing Exam Anxiety

The Whisper Box
Study Playlist

Lifestyle with Danny
Study Playlist

Dani Dearest
12 Creative Study Tips
OneNote Organization
Post-It Calendar

Do you know of any other good posts?

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