Gifts for Mom

My mom is super easy to shop for. Honestly, I feel like any mom is. If you give them something hand made, they'll love it and you forever!

1 - Fuzzy Socks// These socks are not only comfy, but they also have shea butter. They make your feet super soft and moisturized! I've gotten some of these before and they're amazing.

2 - Candle// My mom LOVES Bath and Body Works Candles. They smell so good and Bath and Body Works ALWAYS has sales, deals, and coupons so you can usually get these for cheap.

3 - Books// My mom has read this book, and we also go her the newest one of these for her birthday last year. While not every mom is religious, any book will do!

4 - Purse/I don't know about you, but my mom is always complaining about not having a good purse, and wanting a new one. So, a purse is a great idea for your mom!

5 - Sharpie Mug// Last year, my sister and I made my mom a sharpie mug. The sharpie didn't stay, even though Pinterest said it would. BUT I learned if you bake it in the oven for longer, and use mod podge spray over it, it should last!

6 - Bracelet// To be honest, this is the exact bracelet that Kayla got for me four years ago on our first Christmas. It was the first thing she ever got for me. And I lost it. Twice. I never found it the second time. It honestly broke my heart (still does) and while looking it up to see if I could buy it for myself again, I realized it's a good present for anyone! It is a little pricey, but Kohls always has coupons and sales.

What are some other ideas?


  1. I remember going with Kayla to buy that present for you! I can't believe it's been four years!

  2. I love the charm bracelet. But not quite sure my mom will love it quite like i do.


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