Five Things

It's finals week and I'm going absolutely crazy. I've been non stop studying. I go into the study room in my dorm hall at 12pm then study until about 6, go eat dinner, come back up, study a little bit more, then we go to the dining hall again at 10pm for quiet study with free food until about 12 or 1am.

I'm so tired and I cannot wait until I can finally go home and sleep. With that being said, I need to go back and study so here's my five things!

1 - Coffee// After finals if I literally never drink coffee again I'll be so happy. I've had two plus cups of coffee a day for the past few weeks and I'm getting sick of it! But I can't not drink coffee! Yesterday the line at the dining hall for the coffee machine was so long. And then it broke. This was at 8pm. So people had the same idea as me apparently! lol!

2 - Finals// Going off the last one, finals are here! I've been writing posts about it this week which I'll link below and I'm also making a roundup post on Sunday with other bloggers. So make sure you check that out! I hope everyone does great on their exams and has a great winter break! Get lots of rest and spend some quality family time!

3 - 100 Best Cat Pictures// This is the cutest thing ever. If you know me, you know I love cats so I definitely had to click on this post on Facebook. If you like cats, you should definitely check this out!

4 - J Crew Factory// Okay all you preppy people. Everything that J Crew Factory is 50% off!!!!! Make sure you go and check it out before it goes away! You can cross some people off of your list, or treat yourself after getting through finals!

5 - The Ballerina Bun// I'm always looking for new ways to put my hair up. I hardly ever wear it down because I just have so much of it. When I wear it up, I wear it in the same tight, plain bun on top of my head. This bun is so cute and it can definitely liven up a plain outfit!

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