Gifts for "Sister"

I have a little (by two years) sister, and I've put together a list of things that I think she might like!

1 - One Direction ~ Four// My sister is super obsessed with One Direction, as I'm sure a lot of people are. I have to admit, they're one of my guilty pleasures. First, make sure they don't have it! If they don't, this is a great gift!

2 - Bath and Body Works Lotion// Bath and Body Works not only smell AMAZING but they also really do work. They're perfect to slip into your purse, or by your bedside table. It's a gift that they'll love but also use!

3 - Necklaces// This is my go-to gift for my sister. Every girl in my family absolutely loves necklaces and accessorizing. This necklace is only $6 at Forever 21!!

4 - Kate Spade Pen Set// Okay, this is actually something that I would LOVE. This is another gift that would most definitely get use out of. And it's super cute.

5 - Mug// Even if your loved one isn't a coffee drinker, it's the perfect time of year for hot chocolate and apple cider! They're super cute and also on sale right now at Peir One!

6 - Nail Polish// If you, your sister or anyone really loves nail polish, this is perfect for them. I'm constantly changing my nail color, because as soon as my nail gets chipped, I'm repainting them. So this set gives them lots of options!

Do you have any other suggestions?

*I am not, in any way shape or form trying to be "gender conforming" when writing these posts. 

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