Gifts for "Her"

Over the next few weeks I'm going to put together a bunch of gift guides (like every other blogger) for you guys. Gifts for her, gifts for him, gifts for your brother, gifts for your sister, gifts for your mom, gifts for your dad, etc. When I say gifts for "him", gifts for "her", I'm generalizing. I do in fact realize that not every girl loves preppy stuff, and I know every guy doesn't love manly scented cologne. I just thought I would put that out there! I didn't know how to word the titles any other way!

Today I'm talking about gifts for "her". A lot of these are things that I actually want for Christmas!

1 - Hunter Rainboots// I desperately want and need Hunter rain boots. I've been asking for them for so long, but I'm hoping this year is the year!

2 - iPhone 6// I really, really want a gold iPhone 6! I've had the iPhone 4s for two years so nows the time for an upgrade!

3 - Urban Decay Naked Pallet// I've wanted this for a long time, but it's so expensive just for some eye shadow. But still, this could make a good gift for someone!

4 - Kate Spade Purse// I keep buying pretty cheap purses, and they all end up pretty much falling apart easily. I think getting this tan Kate Spade purse might be the difference!

5 - Monogram Necklace// I got a monogram necklace a while ago, but it was cheap, so it turned. Now, I think I'm going to upgrade a little bit!

6 - Blanket Scarf// Everyone's been talking about the blanket scarf, and since all of the scarves I have are really just as an accessory for an outfit. But I would like a scarf that actually keeps me warm!

What are some other gifts for her?
*I am not, in any way shape or form trying to be "gender conforming" when writing these posts. 

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