Finals and Studying Tips

Finals are coming up, my first one is a week from today. I always, always need new study tips, as I'm sure everyone else does too. I've spent so much time on Pinterest looking up study tips so I've compiled a list of just a few of the ones that work for me.

1 - Notecards// Always, always use note cards or index cards. They can be used for flashcards with vocabulary, questions, fill in the blanks, and old quiz questions. They're super helpful.

2 - Quiz Yourself// This is probably one of the most helpful things to do. You can use notecards to help quiz yourself even. Or what I like to do is make study guides for myself.

3 - Read the Book// I know, I know. It sucks. But sometimes that's the only way to actually learn all the information as some professors don't mention everything in their lectures and leave it up to the book to teach you.

4 - Take breaks// You need to take breaks. It doesn't matter how much you have to get done, but you need to take breaks or you will never retain all the information that you to learn.

5 - Plan it all out// This right now is just a list of everything you have to do. What chapters, if you're going to write study guides or flash cards. Plan it EXACTLY out and you're more likely to stick to it! I wrote my list on lined notebook paper. I made one sheet for Monday/Wednesday classes, one sheet for my Tuesday/ Thursday classes. I separated them up by course, and at the top of the section I wrote  the exam date so I definitely know. Then I wrote down EVERYTHING I needed to do to get ready for the end of the semester.

6 - Make a Schedule// Kind of going off the last one, but what I do is on a clean sheet of computer paper write down all the days you have left in the semester. Write what days you have the exam and go backwards to today thinking about what you have to get done. Write EVERYTHING. If you have to read a single chapter, or anything.

7 - Snacks// Keep a snack with you! It's good for study breaks. But make sure it's something healthy. I really like string cheese, and hummus with pretzels. Nuts and trail mix is good too!

8 - Water// Water is a definite must when studying. Chances are you will get thirsty, and nothing's better than water to quench that thirst.

- Use RefME// I've talked about this app and webiste before, but seriously, it's so amazing. All you have to do if you have the book is scan the bar code! That's it! Even if you don't, it takes SECONDS to create a reference, they do it all for you! 

What are your study tips? I am always looking for more tips!

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