Winter Bucket List

It's the most wonderful time of the year!!!!! It's my favorite time of the year, and obviously I have to make another bucket list of what I want to do this Winter and Christmas season! 

(Points if you can find the kitty cat tail)

  • Watch Elf
  • Watch National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
  • Drink Hot chocolate
  • Decorate my house for Christmas
  • Decorate my dorm for Christmas
  • Build a snow man
  • Witness a snowfall
  • Have a snow day
  • Kiss in the snow
  • Take cute Christmas pictures with Kayla
  • Get everyone I love at least one gift
  • Make Christmas cookies
  • Go to the Christmas Eve service
  • Get new Christmas PJ's
  • Wear an ugly Christmas sweater
  • Go to the last ECU football game
  • Get through finals week 
  • Finish my first semester of college!
  • Have a Christmas movie marathon
  • Spend the day in my PJs on Christmas
  • Get the iPhone 6
  • Kiss Kayla on New Years
  • Go to a New Years party
What is on your winter bucket list?


  1. Nice list! Mine contains make a lot of money working, have a new years kiss, play in the snow with my dog, go to Boston to see the lights, and have lots of chai lattes :)

    1. I'll have to add "go look at lights" to my list! I forgot about that one!

  2. OMG LOVE this list! I think I might post mine too! Thanks for the idea girl! Hope you get to kiss in the snow and watch snow fall soon! ��

    1. Oh and P.s- if I do it, I will put s link back to your blog to give U credit for the idea! Hope that's ok!

    2. I'm glad you liked it! Of course that's okay! When it's up send me a link and I'll check it out :)


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