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I hope you guys are having an awesome Thanksgiving break! I know I am! I ate some amazing food yesterday and got to see Mockingjay Part One! I had a minor mishap with Ellie (my hamster) yesterday though. She got out in the middle of the night both Tuesday night and Wednesday night. Because she got out on Tuesday, I put her in my upstairs bathroom because I thought she couldn't get out or into anything in there. Turns out, there was a whole under my cabinets and she climbed up in there and slept in there all day! I was so nervous. I didn't know if she would ever come out! But, she did. Thank goodness!

Now on to my 5 Things for this week!

1 - Thanksgiving// Thanksgiving was pretty good! We had a ton of food and I ate way way way too much. As always though! I spent most of the day worrying about Ellie though, but now, she's okay! Overall, I've been having a good break!

2 - Black Friday// For a while, or until Kayla and  I started dating really, I didn't ever go Black Friday shopping. But, Kayla and our other friend usually go to the mall to Black Friday shop. We actually didn't this year. But my mom and I went to Bath and Body Works because there was an amazing deal going on. Then, Kayla and I went to see Mockingjay with her family.

3 - Decorating// Today we decorated for Christmas at my house! Kayla came over as well as my sister's boyfriend and we all decorated the tree and the rest of my house. We all ate some pizza my dad made, then we played Apples to Apples!

4 - Christmas Movies// I've started watching the Hallmark channel Christmas movies and I'm obsessed! They're so cheesy and predictable but they're so good. I can't help but watch them for hours on end.

5 - Bath and Body Works// I LOVE Bath and Body Works! They always have THE best scents for everything. I love love love their body creams, I swear I have like a thousand. I've recently started using their body wash too. I just got some in "Twisted Peppermint" and it smells so good. What are your favorite scents?

What are your 5 things for this week?
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