Gifts for Dad

My dad is a chef, so there are things that I know he'd like that not necessarily every dad would like.

1 - Cookbook// My dad loves cookbooks and ALWAYS wants another one. So I know a safe bet is always a new cookbook!

2 - Candy// You can never go wrong with their favorite candy! It's cheap and you know that they will love it!

3 - Bacon Hot sauce// Two of my dad's favorite things ever are bacon and hot sauce. This combines both of them! I've actually seen this at World Market if this is something your dad might like!

4 - Tickets// Tickets to your dad's favorite football, or baseball team, or band is always a good idea too!

5 - Hats// I actually bought my dad an ECU hat for Christmas this year because he wanted one so bad. I feel like every dad loves hats and would definitely wear one you bought him.

6 - BEER// I don't know if this is just my dad, but he really LOVES beer. For any holiday or birthday everyone just gets him beer because that's just what he likes!

What are some other ideas?

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