Five Things

Wow. I don't even know what the say about this past week. It has been beyond rough. Finals were this week and I wasn't aware of how hard they were going to actually be. In the end, I ended up doing okay. I'm going to spend these next three weeks resting, relaxing and spending a bunch of time with my family.

Here are my five things for this week:

1 - End of Semester// It's FINALLY the end of the semester! I can't believe I finished my first semester of college. It seriously FLEW. I remember moving in and crying my eyes out when my family left. Now, I'm back at home and Christmas is in a week. I couldn't be happier!

2 - Are You the One?// Are You The One is a show on MTV. My sister and I watched it religiously last season. Since our service provider at school dropped MTV so I couldn't watch it there. I recorded them on our TiVO and I'm currently binge watching all the episodes right now! There's so much drama and it's a good show to just mindlessly watch!

3 - Christmas!!!!// Next week is Christmas and I'M SO EXCITED! I can finally start actually celebrating Christmas. I get to watch Christmas movies with my family and drinking hot chocolate and looking at the lights. I'm so excited to start with our traditions for the year. Also, I need to start getting everyone Christmas presents because I haven't started....

4 - 7 Morning Rituals// These 7 morning Rituals from Buddhaimonia are something that will most definitely change your life. I'm going to start practicing these and see how much different my life is! You guys should try it along with me!

5 - #LikeAGirl// This is something everyone needs to see. 

What You Missed This Week:

What are your five things for this week?

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  1. OH my gosh! I love, love, LOVE that video! I hadn't seen it before! Thanks for sharing, Ally!


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